Join us for a day of philosophical discussion in honor of the late Tim Hall, an ethicist and professor of philosophy at Oberlin College for over 15 years. All are welcome! (RSVP)


About Tim Hall

hall-timothyBorn in Oakland, California in 1968, Tim Hall was a brilliant and beloved philosopher who devoted his life to the study of applied ethics and political philosophy.

At Oberlin, Tim’s commitment to students was legendary. In stimulating conversations, Tim challenged us to think critically and to defend our own views.

He defied categorization. A passionate libertarian, vegan, and proponent of free speech, Tim served as faculty advisor to both the Oberlin College Republicans & Libertarians and to Oberlin Animal Rights.

He adored his avian companion, Maddie, and often brought her to visit his classes, to his students’ delight.


About the Event


The Tim Hall Memorial Symposium is a public event taking place in Dye Lecture Hall at the Oberlin College Science Center (119 Woodland St., Oberlin, OH 44074) on Saturday, September 22, 2018.

The program will bring together leading philosophers, political scientists, legal scholars, and public intellectuals offering diverse perspectives on the issues that motivated Tim’s work and thought.

Presentations will address such subjects as Liberty and Libertarianism; Animal Ethics and Veganism; Non-Consequentialist Ethics; and Campus Free Speech.

The Symposium will also include a  video tribute, lovingly produced by Tim’s girlfriend Nancie Tighe. This short film features remembrances by several of Tim’s students and friends, along with some recent happy memories of Tim before his passing. Additionally, there will be a small keepsake memorial for students to take home.

Maddie, pictured above, will be in attendance.

Grief counselors from the Oberlin College Counseling Center and from Cornerstone of Hope will be on hand to speak with anyone who wishes for support, and to staff a resource table.

Finally, the Symposium will conclude with an informal gathering at The Feve, where Symposium attendees are invited to share memories and reflect on Tim’s legacy.

All catered food at the Tim Hall Memorial Symposium will be vegan in Tim’s honor.

Questions? Please contact the organizing team: contact@timhallsymposium.org.